QR Code – How to Use it?

QR Code – How to Use it?

What is QR Code?

If you purchased our products, you will notice there is a square symbol on the labeling sticker. What is it means? Actually, the square is a QR code that direct link to certificate of analysis (CoA) of our products. The certificate describes the detail of laboratory analysis such as nutrient composition, microbes presence and heavy metal existence. Our company is practicing a laboratory standard to ensure that our products are pure, safe and high quality before delivered to customer.


How to Use It?


You just need to scan the code using smartphone and the CoA will show up. Here we will show you how it can successfully work on your smartphone.


Step 1: Install QR Code Reader from Playstore


Step 2: Turn On/Open QR program
Step 3: Bring your handphone closer to QR Code printed on the bottle
Step 4: Focus your camera and ensure QR code is placed within SQUARE symbol and let the system reads.


Step 5: Once system reads – pop up box will appear, and just click “OK”


Step 6: System will connect u to the website where we uploaded all COA’s (Certificate of Analysis).

IMG-20150427-WA0051  IMG-20150427-WA0053

Step 7: Check batch# as stated on d bottle, eg. “BK160115-BK” and scroll down and match the COA with batch# on the bottle. Now u can check all 3 testing done:
1) Nutrition fact
2) Microb reading
3) Heavymetal reading

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