Beekeeping Program

Beekeeping Program BK

Beekeeping program is a community based project from our company with the objective is to expand the industrial of stingless bee (kelulut) in Malaysia. This initiative is also one of the recommendation of our government to support entrepreneur in agriculture part.  Below is the lists of our terms and conditions for this programs. Please read before proceed to the registration.
1. Registration open for Malaysian
2. 18 years old and above
3. This program will be operated in 3 different batch begin from April, Ogos and Disember. Each batch only limited to the 15 earliest participants.
5. Date, time and location of the program will be announced by HQ 1 month earlier before the program started.
6. Fees only  RM 450 per participant
If interested,  proceed to the form below.  You must fill up all the required field. Complete registration will be evaluated within minimum 3 working days and successful candidate will be contacting by our HQ shortly.