Bayu Kelulut


Bayu Kelulut

The stingless bee rearing had first been introduced officially by Mardi on the 27th of November 2012 in support of the government intention to encourage the community to involve in the agriculture

In May 2014 , after 6 months of doing research about the stingless bee, Abd Hisham b. Mohd Yusoff finally decided to start a small company involving in the rearing of stinglees bee farm which produces trigona honey bee . Hence, Bayu Kelulut Smart Digital Farm was formed. The word ‘Bayu’ is the combination of BAshah (Hisham’s mother) and YUsoff (Hisham’s late father) and their goal is to make the farm as one of the first farm using a smart digital technology to investigate the daily life of a stingless bee as well as to improve the standard living of the well being of surrounding community .Bayu Kelulut Smart Digital Farm is a husband and wife partnership company that was registered on the 13th May 2014. The Bayu Kelulut Farm is located at Guar Batu Hitam Kodiang , Kedah and it used to be a family orchard with an area of 4 acres.

Today , after 1 month of operating with an initial capital of 50,000 MYR , Bayu Kelulut has successfully placed 110 hive boxes from two different species (Trigona Itama and Trigona Torasica). Bayu Kelulut obtain the title ‘guided farm’ (Ladang Bimbingan) from the Malaysian Agriculture Research and Development Institute (MARDI) Bayu Kelulut is designed to achieve a target of 500 hive boxes in the year of 2016. After the production of the trigona honey bee increase , then will they start to diversify into skincare and personal care products.

Bayu Kelulut had also intended to make the farm as an agro-tourism site that has a network control system and high-tech wise as having close circuit TV (CCTV) camera system that can monitor and assess the areas surrounding the movement the stingless bee. Apart from that , Bayu Kelulut goal is to bring Bayu Kelulut Honey leading brand globally with the best quality honey and in the mean time is to provide more job opportunities for locals and raise the living standards of the surrounding community.


BK Satellite Farm


Bayu Kelulut are collaborating and create synergy with other farmer to establish satellite farm nationwide. Recently, there are few satellite farm that has been working including Bayu Kelulut farm.




Kg. Guar Batu Hitam,
Jalan Changlon Kodiang,
06100 Kodiang, Kedah, Malaysia


2) Honey Plus Resources


No 70, Lorong Bukit Setongkol Jaya 60,
Taman Setongkol Jaya
25150 Kuantan, Pahang


3) Pejabat Pertanian


Pejabat Pertanian Kawasan Bota / Lambor
Titi Gantong, 32600 Bota, Perak


4) Ladang Tin

Lot 538, Blok 36, Sublot 29,
MTLD Batu 9, Penrissen
93250 Kuching, Sarawak