Ant as Indicator of Purity of Honey?

Ant as Indicator of Purity of Honey?

Ant as Indicator of Purity of Honey?


Debating about the purity of honey never end and there are still many people believe on the traditional methods to identify the purity. However, it is just a myth because not all the honey that fulfill the criteria are natural or pure and even artificial honey.

List of traditional methods to identify purity of honey :

1. Infestation of ants on honey

2. Honey does not freeze if kept in the fridge

3. Hexagon structure formed when honey is mixed with water

4. The level of viscosity of honey when mixed with water

5. Burn the honey

6. Mix honey with egg

These test methods are not accurate and still can be argued.

Furthermore, people easily mix the honey with other materials using current technology to make the artificial honey easily passed the above tests.

Objective of this article is to find the truth about myth that natural honey is not infested by ants. Based on author research, this method is unacceptable because according to honey hunters tramp, natural honey also infested by ants.

For example, fresh honey (Tualang) that was harvested in the morning start to be infested by ants in the afternoon. The ants came from different kind of species such as black and sugar ants. Furthermore, some of the ants started to infest the fresh honey when it was stored under a tree while waiting for the next harvest process in the rearing area (in the forest).

We have some tips to be practiced for all customers when purchase honey from market. Avoid consume any artificial honey because it is unhealthy.

The tips as follow:

1. Justify for a reasonable price

2. Check the packaging label

3. Observe the appearance and taste it

4. Purchase from reliable source

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